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Letter to Senator Barbara Boxer

The following is a fax sent by Bruce Kasper to Senator Barbara Boxer. You may want to urge your congressperson in a similar manner to support new laws protecting parents and children.

November 4, 1997
Senator Barbara Boxer/Attn: Kate O'Malley

MESSAGE: Dear Senator Boxer,

This is a follow-up to my FAX of Dec. 9, 1996, and subsequent conversations, with your aides, Dave Thompson and Kate O'Malley.

Public records show that by December 29, 1983, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and the L.A. County Health Dept. had actual and constructive knowledge of as many as 20 cases of post-transfusion related AIDS, as well as the identity of the donor, and specific transfusion that ultimately killed my daughter, Anique. All of these cases emanated from Cedars' own blood bank.

Despite four letters from Cedars, three of which were sent to officials of the Health Dept., no notification was made to me of any problem concerning Anique's health until February 11, 1987. There is strong evidence this information was willfully, deliberately, and intentionally withheld for four years for purely financial motives!

In the public interest, I write to you, again, with two requests. First, is to create and enact legislation that would make it mandatory for all health care providers to immediately notify and disclose to the parents of a minor child, any information they discover, or come into possession of, that relates to the child's health, welfare or well being.

Second, public records, documents and sworn testimony, has revealed a number of disturbing facts, and unanswered questions that are demanding of closer scrutiny. Attention is directed to the Oct. 13, 1996, "60 Minutes" segment entitled "Bad Blood," and a Court TV segment of DiPaolo V. New York Blood Center. Hence, your help and guidance in initiating a Congressional, or Justice Dept. investigation into the practices of the blood industry, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in particular, is indispensable.

Lastly, today, I learned, from a reliable source, that the FBI is investigating two or more major U.S. drug companies for allegedly selling HIV infected blood products, ordered destroyed by our own government, to Eastern European countries. Linked with the circumstances of Anique's death, it is patently clear that numerous segments of our health care system have been involved. Your attention and prompt response to these issues is certainly warranted, and will be gratefully appreciated. Please call should you want additional documentation. Looking forward to hearing from you, I am

Respectfully yours,

Bruce Kasper

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